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You can raise a complaint directly to your lender without a Claims Management Company.
If your complaint is rejected, you can send your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service without charge.

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With lenders such as Wonga, Wage Day Advance and Instant Cash Loans
going into administration, now is the time to act to get your payday loan refund.

Am I Eligible?

Charges That Can Be Reclaimed!

You can include any of the following charges in a claim:

  • Interest Charged
  • Late Fees
  • Roll Over Fees
  • Payment Fees

Do I Qualify For A Refund?

It is possible that you qualify if you can answer yes to any two of these questions:

  • Did you take out a payday loan in the last 6 years
  • Did you roll that loan from month to month
  • Did you have multiple payday loans at the same time

Claim My Payday Loan

You may have been mis-sold these loans and be due a significant refund.

Why Can You Reclaim?

It’s very simple. If your Payday Lender continuously rolled your loan over from month to month, with or without asking your permission and didn’t complete a full affordability check each time, they may have mis-sold that loan to you in those following months.

It doesn’t matter if your lender only rolled your loan over for one month or for twenty months! Lenders are required to complete correct affordability checks each time to assess whether that loan is right for you and if you are able to afford it.

Make a claim!

What Are The Steps?

The good news is that you’ve already taken the first step by engaging with our site.

Here’s how we can assist you:

  1. We’ll check your credit report to determine potential claims
  2. We will assess whether you were mis-sold your Payday Loans
  3. We will check your report for each lender you’ve taken payday loans with
  4. We liaise with these payday lenders to recover any money due
  5. If your claim is not succesful, you won’t be charged a penny
Make a claim!

As A Claims Management Company, We Provide A Claim Vetting & Full Complaint Processing Service!

Where a lender has not acted fairly or they’ve not adhered to the rules in which they are regulated by, Sanderson Drake is able to assist you to claim back Compensation also known as ‘Redress’. This can be a cash award, a reduction of balance, a combination of cash and balance reduction along with the removal of adverse credit history.

No two claims are the same, despite them being very similar. That’s why it’s important to ensure we have all the facts before pursuing a claim against a lender.

Here’s some of our Payday Loan Claims FAQs

There are many reasons you could be eligible to make a payday loan claim including;

  • The payday loan was unaffordable
  • You were irresponsibly borrowed to
  • You had a cycle of borrowing
  • Your lender failed to comply with their regulations
  • Many other reasons

Our system is quite complex, comparing data provided from credit reference agencies to establish parts of your potential claim. We wont bore you with the details but this includes; all data including payment history, debt level, borrowing and repayment history. Upon instruction we’ll then be requesting a GDPR request from your lender to review your agreement and information they used to provide you with the finance. This can take 1 month under GDPR to be received.

Yes of course.

You can raise a complaint directly to your lender without a Claims Management Company.
If your complaint is rejected, you can send your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service without charge.

Where doing so, we also suggest that you obtain evidence to support your complaint in the form of bank statements and a multi-agency credit report from checkmyfile.

Your checkmyfile report will comprise of 4 credit reference agencies and evidence of any arrears, defaults and financial borrowing combined into 1 report.
It also comes with a 30 day free trial which can be cancelled at any time.

Yes of course!
You have the right to cancel your claims at any stage throughout the process; and by any reasonable means including: telephone, email or writing.

Please note that a fee may be payable if you cancel outside of your 14 day cooling off period and is based on the stage of your claim.
Please refer to our Conditional Fee Agreements for more information.

Please see our Contact Us page for contact methods.

No. No company can guarantee a refund, no matter how much evidence is held in your favour. If you are told they can guarantee you a refund, we would advise you report this to the FCA as this would be a breach of their regulations.

No two payday loan claims are the same first of all.

We want to ensure that we are successful in recovering your refund and in doing so, we must build a case against your payday loan lender.

Typically upon your instruction, we will receive the information requires to pursue a complaint within 30 days.
Your lender will then have 56 days to issue their Final Response which will be reviewed within 1 business day to determine whether any offer made is fair or reasonable.

Where an offer isn’t fair or reasonable, the claim will initially where possible be counter argued with many lenders now working in conjunction with us to avoid further delays by issuing the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service. In some cases, this may be required.

Where your claim is passed for review, this can take a further 6 months to receive a decision or assessment.

Our Standard Fees & Charges

Redress Type Cash Combination Of
Cash & Reduction
Full Balance
Cash Award £1,000 £1,500 £0
Reduction Of Debt £0 £1,500 £10,000
Total Redress £1,000 £3,000 £10,000
Fee Payable By You £360 £1,080 £3,600
Cash Remaining After Fee £640 £420 -£3,600
Alternative method of payment may be required

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