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With lenders such as Wonga, Wage Day Advance and Instant Cash Loans
going into administration, now is the time to act to get your payday loan refund.

Am I Eligible?

Charges That Can Be Reclaimed!

You can include any of the following charges in a claim:

  • Interest Charged
  • Late Fees
  • Roll Over Fees
  • Payment Fees

Do I Qualify For A Refund?

It is possible that you qualify if you can answer yes to any two of these questions:

  • Did you take out a payday loan in the last 6 years
  • Did you roll that loan from month to month
  • Did you have multiple payday loans at the same time

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You may have been mis-sold these loans and be due a significant refund.

Why Can You Reclaim?

It’s very simple. If your Payday Lender continuously rolled your loan over from month to month, with or without asking your permission and didn’t complete a full affordability check each time, they may have mis-sold that loan to you in those following months.

It doesn’t matter if your lender only rolled your loan over for one month or for twenty months! Lenders are required to complete correct affordability checks each time to assess whether that loan is right for you and if you are able to afford it.

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What Are The Steps?

The good news is that you’ve already taken the first step by engaging with our site.

Here’s how we can assist you:

  1. We’ll check your credit report to determine potential claims
  2. We will assess whether you were mis-sold your Payday Loans
  3. We will check your report for each lender you’ve taken payday loans with
  4. We liaise with these payday lenders to recover any money due
  5. If your claim is not succesful, you won’t be charged a penny
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You may have been mis-sold these loans and be due a refund.

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